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Japan, China agree on implementation of maritime and air communication mechanism

All papers reported on talks held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Shanghai between senior officials of Japan and China on a maritime and air communication mechanism aimed at averting inadvertent clashes in the East China Sea. The idea of establishing the mechanism was first agreed on by Prime Minister Abe and then-Chinese President Wen Jiabao in 2007. The papers wrote that the foreign ministries of Japan and China announced that the two nations have made “positive progress” toward the launch of the mechanism. The papers also wrote that this development is a sign of the improvement in ties between Tokyo and Beijing that has been achieved following Abe’s meeting with President Xi in November. Asahi wrote that Japan and China agreed to start implementing the mechanism in the near future by setting up a hotline between SDF and Chinese military officials after reaching a formal agreement between their leaders when Premier Li visits Japan for a trilateral summit with South Korea in the near future. The paper wrote that although attention had been focused on whether the mechanism would cover the Senkaku Islands, Tokyo and Beijing apparently agreed not to mention the islands in their agreement.

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