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U.S. military dismisses claim that part fell from Futenma-based aircraft

  • December 12, 2017
  • , Okinawa Times
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Okinawa Times wrote that concerning the incident in which a small cylindrical object fell onto the roof of a nursery school in Ginowan, Director General Nakajima of the Defense Ministry’s Okinawa bureau told Okinawa Vice Governor Tomikawa on Monday that the Marines have told him that they don’t believe that the object fell from an aircraft based at MCAS Futenma. Nakajima conveyed the U.S. military’s explanation that although it looks like the cover for an instrument to detect damage to CH-53 helicopter blades, they have confirmed that the covers for all the helicopters at Futenma were removed and stored before the aircraft departed from the base. According to the paper, Tomikawa and Ginowan Mayor Sakima, who was briefed by Nakajima earlier, expressed doubt about the U.S. side’s explanation.

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