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White House “corrects” Secretary Tillerson’s remarks on North Korea

TBS reported at noon that although Secretary Tillerson announced on Tuesday that the U.S. is ready to hold its first meeting with North Korea without preconditions, a NSC spokesperson released a statement saying :”In light of the recent missile test by North Korea, it is clear that now is not the time for dialogue.” The network said National Security Adviser McMaster and State Department spokesperson Nauert also made “course corrections” following the Secretary’s remarks. McMaster was quoted as saying: “When he said there will be no preconditions, what that means is, we’re not going to relieve any pressure on North Korea or give in to any demands they might make for payoffs.” DOS Spokesperson Nauert was also quoted as saying: “At some point, we would like to do that, but our policy has not changed.” The network said it has come to light that the Secretary’s remarks do not reflect a unified view of the administration, revealing its disarray over North Korea policy.

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