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Okinawa school receives harassing phone calls after fallen window incident

Asahi wrote that the elementary school near MCAS Futenma where a window fell from a U.S. military helicopter has received dozens of phone calls from anonymous callers accusing the school of overplaying the damage. Some of them have even said to school officials that the incident must be “fake news” and others said that since Okinawa is dependent on the U.S. bases, it is inevitable that students will be wounded as a result of things falling off aircraft and Okinawans have chosen to live in the vicinity of fighter jets. The daily added that similar harassing phone calls have also been made to a nearby daycare center  where a cylindrical object apparently belonging to a U.S. military helicopter was discovered in early December.   


In a related item, Ryukyu Shimpo wrote that the U.S. military has denied that the cylindrical object in question fell from a CH-53E during flight on the grounds that the retrieved component was an outdated version that is no longer being used for the aircraft.   


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