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83% of Japanese pollees see North Korea as threat, Yomiuri-Gallup poll

  • December 20, 2017
  • , Yomiuri , p. 12
  • JMH Translation

In the Yomiuri-Gallup poll, respondents were asked if there are any countries or regions they think will become a military threat to their country (multiple responses permitted). The most frequently given response among both Japanese and American pollees was “North Korea,” with 82% of Americans (76% in previous poll conducted in 2016) giving that response, a record high. Some 83% of Japanese selected “North Korea” (79%), the second highest finding ever after the 84% who gave that response in the 2011 poll.


The second most frequently given response in Japan was “China” at 67% (76%) while 50% of Japanese pollees said “Russia” (51%). Among Americans, the second most frequently given response was the “Middle East” at 63% (75%), and the third-most frequently given response was “Russia” at 55% (59%).


The decline in the percentage of Americans selecting the “Middle East” is thought to reflect the weakening of the Islamic State, a radical Islamist organization. President Donald Trump declared “Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” on Dec. 6 after the poll was taken.


[Polling methodology: The survey, both in Japan and the United States, was conducted nationwide over the telephone on a computer-aided random digit dialing (RDD) basis, with people selected from the two countries’ respective voting populations. In both countries, the survey was carried out over landline telephones and cellphones.



Survey conducted: Dec. 1–3

No. of valid respondents: 1,025 persons (males: 48%, females: 52%)



Survey conducted: Nov. 27–Dec. 3

Survey outsourced to The Gallup Organization

No. of valid respondents: 1,025 persons (males: 50%, females: 50%)]

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