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67% of Japanese pollees say Japan-U.S. Security Treaty contributes to security in region, Yomiuri-Gallup poll

In the Yomiuri-Gallup poll, some 67% of Japanese pollees said the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty “contributes” to security in the Asia-Pacific region. Although this represents a decline from the previous poll conducted last year (72%), the figure is still high. Some 80% of cabinet supporters said the treaty contributes to security while over half, or 57%, of cabinet nonsupporters gave that response as well.


The percentage of all American pollees who said the treaty “contributes” to security in the Asia-Pacific region remained unchanged from the previous poll at 76%. Some 86% of Trump supporters and 72% of those who do not support the U.S. president said the treaty “contributes” to security. This shows that there is broad understanding for the Japan-U.S. alliance in both countries.


Some 57% of Japanese said the U.S. military presence in Japan “should be maintained at the current level” (56%), while 62% of American pollees gave that response (63%). Views on this issue thus remained essentially unchanged from the previous year.


[Polling methodology: The survey, both in Japan and the United States, was conducted nationwide over the telephone on a computer-aided random digit dialing (RDD) basis, with people selected from the two countries’ respective voting populations. In both countries, the survey was carried out over landline telephones and cellphones.



Survey conducted: Dec. 1–3

No. of valid respondents: 1,025 persons (males: 48%, females: 52%)



Survey conducted: Nov. 27–Dec. 3

Survey outsourced to The Gallup Organization

No. of valid respondents: 1,025 persons (males: 50%, females: 50%)]

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