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Incumbent mayor to face off with candidate backed by ruling coalition in Nago race

  • December 29, 2017
  • , Mainichi, Yomiuri
  • JMH Summary

Yomiuri wrote that the Okinawa chapter of the Komeito party decided on Thursday to endorse the candidacy of former Nago municipal assembly member Toguchi in the mayoral race scheduled for Feb. 4, noting that since the ruling LDP also supports his candidacy, the election will revolve around him and incumbent Mayor Inamine. Although the LDP considers Komeito’s support critical to unseating Inamine, who is a staunch opponent of the FRF construction initiative, Komeito is being careful not to openly push for the realignment plan to avoid alienating voters. In endorsing Toguchi’s candidacy, Komeito officials said: “The administrative authority of the Nago mayor does not affect the relocation initiative…. The upcoming election should not focus solely on U.S. bases.”


Mainichi ran a similar report, explaining that the results of the mayoral election will have a considerable impact on the Futenma relocation initiative and the gubernatorial race planned for next autumn, in which Governor Onaga, another staunch opponent, is expected to seek reelection. The paper added that the central government is set to cut back its subsidies for Okinawa economic revitalization, apparently in order to show Okinawa voters that their economic outlook will be affected if they support the defiant governor.

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