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Ginowan officials request U.S. military not to fly over schools  

  • December 29, 2017
  • , Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo
  • JMH Summary

Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo both led with reports that the mayor, municipal assembly representatives, and other officials of Ginowan asked the U.S. military, U.S. Consulate General Naha, Okinawa Defense Bureau, and other relevant offices on Thursday not to fly Futenma-based aircraft over daycare centers, elementary schools, and other educational institutions in the vicinity. The request was made following the recent mishap in which a window fell onto a school playground from a USMC CH-53E helicopter stationed at MCAS Futenma. According to Okinawa Times, a U.S. military official who met with the visitors indicated that it is difficult for the U.S. military to provide a 100% guarantee that it will never fly aircraft over sensitive areas. The official was quoted as saying: “It’s impossible to predict all of the circumstances that might occur while in flight….  I can’t say that such flights will never occur.”

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