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LDP mulls defining SDF as “organization with force” in revised Constitution

Saturday’s Mainichi gave top play to a report saying that the ruling LDP’s taskforce on constitutional revision is considering adding to the Constitution a clause specifying that the SDF constitutes an “organization with the minimum necessary level of force” in an attempt to distinguish it from the “war potential” that Japan is prohibited from possessing under Article 9. The move comes in response to Prime Minister Abe’s insistence on adding to the Constitution a provision making the existence of the SDF explicit while concurrently retaining the second paragraph of Article 9 that bans possession of “any war potential.” It is also aimed at quelling persistent calls within the LDP for completely deleting the second paragraph. The daily said even if this idea is adopted and endorsed by the parliament and the public in a national referendum, apprehension will remain that the scope of the definition may be expanded at the government’s discretion.

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