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NTT to work with U.S., German firms to set int’l standards for connected car communications

  • December 31, 2017
  • , Yomiuri , p. 8
  • JMH Translation

NTT President Hiroo Unoura disclosed in an interview with Yomiuri Shimbun that in addition to joint research with Toyota Motor, NTT plans to cooperate with U.S. and German automakers in developing communication standards for connected cars. His company aims to involve major foreign automakers in its effort to obtain international recognition of the standards.


Expanding the use of connected cars is viewed as a key way to prevent accidents and alleviate traffic congestion. Unoura pointed out that “it is extremely important to standardize communication modes and other technologies for a large number of cars to communicate safely.” NTT will conduct joint research with Toyota in 2018 to determine the standard functions and technologies.


NTT has set up a joint venture with Toyota, Intel, and five other companies for R&D in connected cars and some of the findings of experiments will be shared by the joint venture. “It would be ideal for U.S. and German automakers to participate in the joint venture for recognition as international standards,” said Unoura, indicating he is keen on expanding the number of partners.


Unoura indicated that since Japan will be ahead of other countries in building the infrastructure for 5G next-generation telecommunications standards, it has an advantage in setting the standards for connected cars. He said he would like to establish the technology with Toyota at an early date and “obtain recognition of technologies originating from Japan as international standards to a certain extent.”


In addition to communication modes, Unoura cited technology for effective processing of the enormous volume of data emanating from cars as another target of standardization.

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