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Gov’t to expand Japanese language education in Asia

  • January 1, 2018
  • , Yomiuri , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

The Japanese government is planning to expand Japanese language education and international exchange programs in Asia. It will create a new program to invite high school students studying Japanese to Japan to interact with Japanese high school students in addition to increasing the number of centers for nurturing Japanese language teachers. The government hopes not only to expand global understanding of Japan through the efforts but also to utilize Asian youth with Japanese language skills as a new source of personnel for Japanese companies.


The government will set up centers for training Japanese language teachers in India and send experts in Japanese language education there as early as fiscal 2018. It will cooperate with state governments to allow Japanese teachers to provide lessons throughout India.


India excels at cultivating human resources in the information technology area. By improving Japanese language education, Japan is hoping to gain “highly skilled human resources” with specialized knowledge and skills in the future. Japan chose India as the first hub for these efforts as the two nations enjoy good bilateral relations.


Japan will also consider establishing centers for cultivating human resources in such countries as Vietnam and Myanmar. It plans to train at least 100 or so Japanese language teachers in the two countries in addition to India through the Japan Foundation.


Japan will also create a new program to help Asian high school students learning Japanese to visit Japan. The aim of the program is to have the students interact with Japanese high school students and study at Japanese schools while staying in dormitories or with host families for six to ten months. Japan is considering accepting about 1,000 Asian students to the program over the next five years. (Abridged)

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