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  • January 4, 2018
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NHK gave top play to a report on a fire that broke out in an apartment in Nagasaki on Wednesday, killing two children. TV Asahi led with reports on the reopening of a phone line installed at Panmunjom between South Korea and North Korea on Wednesday. TBS reported on the increasing tension over North Korea. NTV led with a report that Aoyama Gakuin University won the annual Tokyo-Hakone intercollegiate men’s “ekiden” road relay for the fourth straight year. Fuji TV reported on New Year’s celebrations around the world.


Lead items in national papers included an alleged secret meeting between the U.S. and North Korea in Beijing early last month, a GOJ plan to amend laws to make it easier for local governments to sell public infrastructure facilities, the results of a survey of business executives pointing to strong corporate sentiment, and a plan by the World Health Organization to classify videogame addiction as “gaming disorder.”    

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