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Abe may announce candidacy in LDP presidential race after regular Diet session

  • January 5, 2018
  • , Yomiuri , p. 2
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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe commented on his plans for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) presidential election scheduled for September after his term expires at his New Year’s news conference on Jan. 4. He said: “I would like to focus on producing results in the regular Diet session. I will think about my plans for the future after that.” He thus hinted that his announcement of his candidacy for a third term as LDP president will come after the regular Diet session.


LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Fumio Kishida, who is regarded as the frontrunner in the race to succeed Abe, told reporters in Hiroshima City on Jan. 4: “A lively policy debate through the presidential election should be welcome,” indicating it is desirable to have an election with multiple candidates. However, as for his own plans, he merely said: “With regard to concrete plans, since the fall is still a while off, I would like to refrain from giving comments at this point.” He plans to make a decision at the last minute based on an assessment of the situation in the party.


Meanwhile, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Seiko Noda appeared on BS NTV’s “Shinso News” program on Jan. 4, where she reiterated her intent to run in the presidential race. She voiced an optimistic view with regard to the 20 endorsements required for candidacy, stating: “Compared to the last time (when she gave up on running), I am about 150% (confident of obtaining the endorsements).”

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