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CCS Suga pledges support for radio broadcasts targeting abductees, North Korean citizens

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga stated at a news conference on Jan. 5 that “utmost support” will be given to the medium frequency Radio Shiokaze [Radio Sea-Breeze] broadcasts targeting the victims of abduction by North Korea and North Korean citizens operated by the Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to N. Korea (COMJAN).


Suga said: “Operating medium-wave broadcasts in addition to the short-wave programs means that people in North Korea will have more opportunities to listen to the broadcasts.” He stressed the importance of North Korean residents being able to obtain information from the outside world through radio broadcasts amid the strict censorship of information in the DPRK.


Following its budget allocation in FY17, the government has also earmarked funds in FY18 to commission COMJAN for the dissemination of its messages through radio broadcasts. In its draft FY18 budget, the government contracts for the first time for the dissemination of its messages through medium-wave Shiokaze radio broadcasts, in addition to short-wave programs.


Unlike the provision of operating funds, contract fees are paid only after the broadcasts are verified.

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