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Okinawa governor expresses anger over helicopter landings

  • January 9, 2018
  • , NHK
  • JMH Translation

NHK reported at noon on Tuesday that the U.S. military helicopter that made an unscheduled landing at an industrial waste disposal facility in Yomitan on Monday returned to MCAS Futenma this morning. Okinawa Governor Onaga reportedly expressed anger by saying that he is “at a loss for words.” Noting that a USMC helicopter also made an unscheduled landing on a beach in Uruma just three days before the latest incident, the network said anger and concern are growing in Okinawa over the repeated incidents involving U.S. military aircraft. “The Japanese government should be ashamed of its lack of ability to solve its own problems,” said Okinawa Governor Onaga. The network added that the Okinawa Vice Governor Tomikawa is expected to summon the Okinawa Defense Bureau chief to the Okinawa government office and lodge a strong protest this afternoon. All commercial networks carried similar stories.

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