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Miyazaki becomes first Supreme Court justice to continue to use maiden name

  • January 10, 2018
  • , Nikkei , p. 34
  • JMH Translation

Yuko Miyazaki (66) and Takuya Miyama (63), who were appointed Supreme Court justices as of Jan. 9, each held a press conference at the Supreme Court to express their aspirations [for their new role]. From September 2017, the Supreme Court has allowed judges to use their maiden name on judicial decisions, and Yuko Miyazaki will continue to use her maiden name, becoming the first Supreme Court justice to do so. “It is logical to continue to use the name I went by when I started my career. Amid such diversity in values, it is important that we offer as many options as possible.”


Miyazaki was an attorney and is known for her expertise in tax matters. “I will apply myself to my new position with humility and equanimity and without prejudice,” she added.


Takuya Miyama went from being the chief justice of the Tokyo High Court to a Supreme Court justice. “I feel an extremely grave responsibility. I will do my very best to properly interpret the law in each case,” he said earnestly. The press conference customarily held upon the retirement of a Supreme Court justice was not held for Itsuro Terada, who retired as chief justice on Jan. 8 at the mandatory retirement age.

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