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Ex-SDF officer given suspended prison term for defacing comfort woman monument

Seoul, Jan. 11 (Jiji Press)–A South Korean district court sentenced Thursday a former Japanese Self-Defense Forces officer to a prison term of six months, suspended for two years, for defacing a monument to so-called comfort women in a national cemetery. 

The sentence came against the prosecution’s demand for a one-year prison term.

The former SDF member, Shigeharu Oku, 69, told Jiji Press over the phone that he has no complaints against the ruling, but will decide whether to appeal it after examining the reasons for the decision.

“I wanted to show that the inscription on the monument is a lie,” Oku said, adding he will particularly examine whether the court took into account his motive.

Oku was ruled guilty of vandalizing the monument, which offers an apology for the forcible recruitment of Korean women as prostitutes for Japanese troops, chiefly during World War II, by putting an inscription reading merely “cenotaph” on it on March 20 last year.

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