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Gist of Japan-ROK foreign ministerial in Vancouver, Jan. 17

Comfort women issue


ROK Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa explained the ROK government’s new policy.


Foreign Minister Taro Kono: It is absolutely unacceptable that the ROK is demanding that Japan take further measures despite the two sides’ confirmation that the Japan-ROK agreement would resolve the issue “finally and irreversibly.” We will not agree to hold discussions on this. We ask for steady implementation of the agreement.


Forced laborers


Kono: This issue was resolved through the Japan-ROK agreement of 1965 on claims. We ask that you take appropriate measures on the plan to erect a statue of a forced laborer in front of the Japanese Consulate General in Busan.




Kono mentioned this issue briefly.


PyeongChang Olympics


Kang: We invite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to visit the ROK.


Kono: This will be considered taking into account the Diet schedule and other factors.


Japan-China-ROK summit


Kono, Kang agreed to make efforts to hold the summit at an early date.


North-South relations


Kono, Kang reconfirmed the need to apply maximum pressure in order to prod North Korea to get serious about denuclearization and to take concrete actions in this regard. They agreed to continue close Japan-ROK and Japan-U.S.-ROK cooperation, including on the issue of North-South dialogue.

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