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Suga comments on first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration

NHK reported on its website that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga commented during a press briefing this morning on the fact that Jan. 20 marks the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration. He reportedly said the U.S.-Japan relationship “is the strongest in history due to the strong relationship of trust between Prime Minister Abe and President Trump” and that “in particular, both leaders are one hundred percent in sync with regard to the North Korean issue.” Suga also said that Japan “hopes to further strengthen and develop the solid U.S.-Japan relationship on the security and economic fronts under the unshakable relationship of trust between the two leaders.” In response to a question from a reporter about whether keeping pace with the Trump administration, which is calling for maximized pressure, will be risky for Japan on account of how the North may react, Suga reportedly responded by saying: “There is no risk whatsoever in strengthening the U.S.-Japan alliance.”

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