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GOJ envisages joint use of MSDF flattop with U.S.

  • January 21, 2018
  • , Tokyo Shimbun
  • JMH Summary

Sunday’s Tokyo Shimbun led with a report saying that it has learned from several GOJ sources that the GOJ is envisioning the possibility of jointly operating the MSDF’s Izumo escort ship with the United States in connection with the idea of transforming it into an aircraft carrier where fighter jets can land and take off. The paper wrote that the GOJ is considering allowing U.S. fighters to land on and take off from the Izumo in the event of emergencies and other situations and provide fuel and other support to the U.S. military. The paper wrote that the possession of an aircraft carrier might violate Japan’s exclusively defense-oriented policy under Article 9 of its Constitution and that concern might emerge that the SDF’s activities could, in effect, be integrated with the U.S. military’s combat actions. 

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