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GOJ to enhance defense capabilities in space and cyberspace

  • January 23, 2018
  • , TBS
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TBS reported at noon that it has obtained a draft of the updated National Defense Program Guidelines being prepared by the Defense Ministry, saying that the new guidelines are focused on significantly boosting Japan’s defense capabilities in new sectors such as cyberspace and outer space. According to the network, the updated guidelines are based on the concept of “strengthening defense capabilities to deter or respond to opponents that are superior both in terms of quantity and quality.” They also call for “obtaining and strengthening the capability to devastate opponents’ superiority” and introducing drones and AI technology to “significantly boost information-collecting and surveillance capabilities.” In addition, the draft proposes setting up a new unit that serves as a command center for space and cyberspace activities separately from the functions currently performed by the JGSDF, JMSDF, and JASDF.

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