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South Korean minister expresses intention to dissolve comfort women foundation

All national dailies wrote that South Korea’s Gender Equality and Family Minister Chung Hyun-back said during a recent interview with a South Korean media outlet that the ROK intends to dissolve within the year the foundation set up under the 2015 Japan-South Korea agreement on comfort women. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga commented on the remarks by the ROK minister on Tuesday by reportedly saying: “We are not thinking of shifting the agreement even one millimeter.” MOFA Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Director General Kanasugi told a minister counselor at the South Korean Embassy in Tokyo that the statement runs counter to Japan’s position that the accord should be implemented steadily.


However, Asahi added that a spokesperson for South Korea’s Foreign Ministry told reporters on Tuesday that the Moon administration has made no decision on the disposition of the 1 billion yen that Japan contributed to the foundation.

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