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AH-1 helicopter that made precautionary landing returns to Futenma

  • January 24, 2018
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NHK reported at noon that a Futenma-based AH-1 attack helicopter that made a precautionary landing at a municipal heliport on Tonaki Island on Tuesday left the heliport and returned to MCAS Futenma via Kadena AB this morning. The network said this was the third unscheduled landing by U.S. military helicopters this month, adding that the incidents have provoked a backlash in Okinawa. The network quoted Defense Minister Onodera as telling reporters this morning: “It is extremely regrettable….The Defense Ministry has asked the U.S. side to conduct emergency inspections of all AH-1 attack helicopters belonging to MCAS Futenma and suspend flights of the aircraft during that time.” All commercial networks carried similar stories. 

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