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LDP’s Ishiba faction publishes anthology of policies

Former Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Secretary General Shigeru Ishiba held a news conference at the office of the Ishiba faction (Suigetsu-kai) on Jan. 25 to announce the publication of an anthology of the faction’s policies. These policies will represent draft proposals for a new administration ahead of the presidential election in September.


In his foreword, Ishiba wrote: “We will seek the truth with our own efforts, and even if this is an inconvenient truth, we will speak out with courage and sincerity,” indicating his intention to continue to criticize the administration.


The anthology, “Ishiba Shigeru to Suigetsu-kai no Nihon Sosei” [Shigeru Ishiba and the Suigetsu-kai’s Vision for Japan’s Revitalization], will be published by Shinkosha on Jan. 30. It summarizes the lectures of 20 faction members at the faction’s study meetings, including that of the late Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Kenji Kosaka. In a total of 22 articles, Ishiba authored two on regional revitalization and the constitution.


With regard to regional revitalization, he pointed out the importance of the local residents getting rid of their notion of “democracy by leaving everything in somebody else’s hands,” citing the case of Amacho, Shimane Prefecture and other examples.


On the constitution, he stated: “We need to come up with a clear answer on whether the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) is an armed force or not.” He questioned Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s proposal to retain Paragraph 2 of Article 9, which stipulates the non-maintenance of war potential.


Ishiba stated at the news conference: “This will be a major basis for our future declaration of the ideal vision of Japan.”

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