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Ruling, opposition lawmakers discuss issues to be deliberated in Diet

In NHK’s Nichiyo Toron Sunday debate show, policy chiefs of the ruling and opposition parties talked about the key issues they plan to discuss during the current Diet session, including the draft budget for the next fiscal year starting in April and labor reform. The panelists from the LDP and Komeito Party underscored the significance of labor reform, including a cap on working hours, a merit-based pay system, and flexible work schedules. The discussants from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ) and the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) criticized the measures proposed by the ruling coalition by saying that they are not sufficient, but the other opposition participants supported the proposed reform plans.


Concerning the Abe administration’s policy of promoting integrated resorts featuring casinos as part of Japan’s efforts to attract more foreign tourists, the JCP and CDPJ panelists opposed the policy while the other discussants agreed on the need for the resorts in Japan. With regard to Prime Minister Abe’s desire to amend the Constitution, the JCP strongly opposed any moves to amend Article 9 while the other panelists stressed that the issue should not be discussed in a hasty manner.

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