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Japan not positive about TPP renegotiation

The Japanese government will sign the “TPP-11,” which the 11 countries agreed on, as scheduled and put it into force. At the same time, it will size up the true intent behind U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest remarks.


Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasutoshi Nishimura told the press on Jan. 26 that “we would like to explain the significance of the TPP and confirm President Trump’s intention.”


A Japanese official in charge of TPP negotiations noted that “we were asked about the TPP twice and we repeated almost the same answer.” The official indicated he did not believe President Trump’s remarks were off the cuff.


The Japanese government welcomes President Trump’s consideration of returning to the TPP, but is not positive about renegotiating the deal. The original TPP, which was concluded in 2015, is described as “glass work,” indicating the intricacy of the coordination of complex interests among the 12 nations. Modifying one part may spark demands from the member states, making it difficult to reach consensus.   

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