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Tight race expected in Nago

  • January 30, 2018
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Asahi front-paged its projections for the mayoral election to be held in Nago, Okinawa, this Sunday, based on the results of a public opinion poll and a field survey. According to the paper, incumbent Mayor Inamine is competing neck and neck with his rival Toguchi, who is backed by the LDP and the Komeito party. Support for the incumbent is strong among the elderly while younger voters tend to favor Toguchi. According to the opinion poll taken jointly with a local broadcaster, some 63% of Nago residents expressed opposition to the FRF initiative off Camp Schwab. Those who are negative about the relocation plan are inclined to endorse Inamine. When asked the dominant issues in the election campaign, 41% said Futenma relocation and 39% said local economic revitalization.   


Other papers carried Kyodo’s projection pointing to a similar trend. Yomiuri published its own forecast, asserting that Inamine is slightly ahead of his rival and that some 20% of voters remain undecided.

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