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  • January 30, 2018
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NHK led with a report on the situation at Mount Kusatsu-Shirane one week after it erupted. NTV gave top play to a report that an Osaka University student was arrested for stabbing his older brother to death at their home in Hyogo early this morning. Fuji TV led with a report that the police are planning to send papers to prosecutors on sumo wrestler Oarashi for allegedly driving a vehicle without a license. TV Asahi led with a report that a woman in her 60s in Miyagi has filed a lawsuit against the state for forcing her to undergo a sterilization procedure when she was 15 years old on the grounds that she was mentally disabled under the former Eugenic Protection Act. TBS reported that the temperature in Shimukappu, Hokkaido, dropped to minus 30.9 degrees Celsius today.

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