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Top LDP official calls for Japan’s flexibility on comfort women pact with ROK

  • February 3, 2018
  • , Asahi, Tokyo Shimbun
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Saturday morning’s Asahi took up remarks made on a TV show on Friday by LDP Secretary General Nikai, who commented on Prime Minister Abe’s earlier statement that Japan will “not compromise one iota” on the comfort women agreement with South Korea. The senior LDP politician suggested that Japan needs to compromise on the grounds that diplomacy requires concessions on both sides.     

In a related piece, Sunday’s Tokyo Shimbun wrote that comfort women memorials have been built in six locations in the U.S., Germany, and Australia since Japan and South Korea signed the comfort women pact in December 2015, noting that the GOJ is alarmed because its intense lobbying of local politicians against such statues has proven futile. The daily added that a total of nine comfort women statues were also constructed in the United States and Canada before the Japan-ROK agreement was reached. 

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