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  • February 5, 2018
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NHK led with an extensive report on the Nago mayoral election on Sunday, saying that former Nago City assembly member Taketoyo Toguchi who was backed by the LDP and Komeito won, defeating the incumbent Mayor Inamine who pledged to block the Futenma relocation plan. The network said the result of the election, a virtual “proxy war” between the GOJ and Governor Onaga, will serve as a tailwind for the LDP in the Okinawa gubernatorial election in the fall. NTV led with a report on a fire that broke out in a house in Nagano on Sunday that claimed two lives. TBS and TV Asahi reported on the first game of the joint North-South female ice hockey team on Sunday. Fuji TV reported on an anti-North demonstration held in South Korea on Sunday ahead of the upcoming PyeongChang Olympics.


There were no papers published this morning because of a press holiday.

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