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Gist of Japan-ROK summit on Feb. 9

The following is the gist of the Japan-ROK summit meeting:


Comfort women issue


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: The Japan-ROK agreement is an agreement between states. It is a universal international principle to adhere to this agreement even after a change of administration. The Japanese government has fulfilled all its obligations, so we hope the ROK will also do the same.


President Moon Jae-in: The comfort women and the South Korean people do not accept the contents of this agreement. The two governments should work together to restore the honor and dignity and heal the emotional trauma of the victims.


North Korea


Abe: North Korea continues to develop nuclear arms and missiles. We must not be deceived by its “smile diplomacy.” The situation will be critical shortly after the Olympic Games. It is important to demonstrate that we are serious about denuclearization through concrete actions. It is meaningless to hold dialogue for the sake of dialogue. We must not waver in our policy of applying maximum pressure through Japan-U.S.-ROK cooperation.


Moon: It is unnecessary to worry that the North-South dialogue will disrupt international cooperation. We must make improvement in North-South relations and the inter-Korean dialogue contribute to denuclearization.


Japan-ROK relations


Abe, Moon: We must build future-oriented bilateral relations. We will cooperate for holding the Japan-China-ROK summit at an early date.

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