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G20 summit to be held in Osaka in summer of 2019

  • February 21, 2018
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All papers reported that the GOJ has decided to convene the G20 summit in Osaka in late June or early July next year, saying that although Fukuoka was apparently the strongest candidate to host the major diplomatic event, the GOJ has given up on holding the summit there because the city lacks sufficient lodgings to accommodate the 30,000 visitors, including foreign dignitaries, their staffs, and the press corps, who are expected to attend. Fukuoka will instead host a G20 meeting of financial ministers and central bank governors. An official announcement will be made shortly.   


Nikkei speculated that the Abe administration selected Osaka to please Osaka Governor Matsui, who heads the Japan Innovation Party, and obtain his party’s support for Prime Minister Abe’s push for constitutional amendment. The administration will reportedly host the international conference just before an Upper House election in the hope that voters will approve of the premier’s diplomatic leadership. Since Crown Prince Naruhito will have ascended to the imperial throne by then, the administration is also hoping that the Japanese public will be pleased to see the new emperor greeting VIPs attending the G-20 summit.   

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