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President Trump unveils economic report, expresses concern about Japan’s non-tariff barriers to car imports

NHK reported this morning that President Trump released this year’s Economic Report of the President on Wednesday, in which he expressed strong concern that non-tariff barriers are preventing American automakers from accessing the Japanese market. According to the network, the report says: “A variety of non-tariff barriers impede access to Japan’s automotive market, and overall sales of U.S.-made vehicles and automotive parts in Japan remain low.”


While noting that the Trump administration also released the National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers last March in which it called on Japan to open up its auto market and pointed out that Japan’s unique safety standards are impeding market access, the network said Japan has been making the counterargument that it has already eliminated tariffs on auto imports and that its safety standards are based on international standards and thus do not constitute trade barriers. The network added that the President is sharpening his stance on rectifying the U.S. trade imbalance mainly with China ahead of the midterm election in November, saying that other nations are closely watching developments in U.S. trade policy.

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