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Lower House likely to pass FY18 budget on Feb. 27

The government and the ruling parties decided on Feb. 21 to pass the draft FY18 budget in the House of Representatives as soon as Feb. 27. They envision putting the bill on the agenda of the Lower House plenary session to be held in the late afternoon of Feb. 27, after the Budget Committee concludes its deliberations on the same day.


Under the Constitution, the budget automatically comes into force 30 days after it is sent to the House of Councillors. If passed in the Lower House on Feb. 27, the budget is certain to be enacted before the end of FY17.


The Lower House Budget Committee held public hearings on the proposed budget in the Diet on Feb. 21, which is a procedure required before its passage.


Prior to this, the ruling and opposition parties agreed at an executive meeting of the Budget Committee to hold a four-hour intensive session on work-style reform on the afternoon of Feb. 22. The ruling parties plan to hold another intensive session in the afternoon of Feb. 26 to lay the groundwork for passing the budget. (Slightly abridged)

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