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Okinawa leader to visit U.S. next month

  • February 23, 2018
  • , Okinawa Times
  • JMH Translation

Okinawa Times reported on Governor Onaga’s plan to visit the U.S. in mid-March to call attention to his determination to derail the FRF project off Camp Schwab. The paper noted that he is hoping to invite former Defense Secretary William Perry to a symposium on the subject that the prefectural government is aiming to convene there around March 15. During the event, the governor is expected to explain his opposition to the relocation initiative and the situation regarding military bases in the island prefecture. Noting that Onaga and his top deputies had previously considered presenting an alternative to the Henoko plan during the upcoming U.S. tour, the daily wrote that they have decided not to do so based on the view that by presenting an alternative they might end up offering another location in Okinawa to host the Futenma functions.



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