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FM Kono says the term “sex slaves” runs counter to comfort women agreement

NHK reported on its website that Foreign Minister Kono criticized South Korea’s Minister of Gender Equality and Family Chung Hyun-back for describing the comfort women as “sex slaves” during a session of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in Geneva on Thursday. Kono was quoted as telling reporters this morning: “We confirmed with South Korea in the Japan-ROK agreement on comfort women issue that we would address them as ‘comfort women.’  It is unacceptable and extremely regrettable that the South Korean delegation used the word ‘sex slave’.” He went on to say: “South Korea should acknowledge that the Japan-ROK agreement is a final and irreversible international promise and thoroughly implement it. Japan has been sincerely implementing the agreement and I expect the South Korean side to do the same.”

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