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Party policy chiefs discuss economy, work-style reform, DPRK

In NHK’s Nichiyo Toron Sunday debate show, the policy chiefs of the ruling and opposition parties discussed key issues they have been deliberating in the Diet. LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Kishida stated that the Japanese economy has improved under Abenomics, but it is necessary for the government to work harder to push up wages and consumption. In response, the opposition party representatives expressed strong dissatisfaction with the failure to raise wages. Kishida also stressed the need for work-style reform. While basically agreeing on the need for the reform, the opposition panelists insisted that careful and extensive discussions should be held on the related draft bills that are expected to be submitted to the current Diet session by the GOJ. Concerning North Korea, Kishida underscored that despite any progress made in the recent inter-Korean talks, the international community is in agreement that the DPRK’s nuclear and missile programs must not be allowed.

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