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26% of high school students spend more than five hours on Internet every weekday, Cabinet Office poll

  • February 28, 2018
  • , Yomiuri , p. 35
  • JMH Translation

According to the preliminary results of the Fiscal 2017 Survey on Internet Usage among Youth announced by the Cabinet Office on Feb. 27, some 26.1% of high school students use the Internet for over five hours a day on weekdays. This is the highest figure since fiscal 2014 when the question started to be asked.


The average number of hours that elementary, junior high, and high school students [ages 10 to 17] use the Internet per day on weekdays is also on an upward trend, setting a new record in fiscal 2017 of 159.3 minutes (up by five minutes from the previous fiscal year). On average, elementary school students spend 97.3 minutes, junior high school students spend 148.7 minutes, and high school students spend 213.8 minutes on the Internet.


Asked what they are using the Internet for (multiple responses permitted), 77.9% of elementary school students said games, 80.3% of junior high school students said watching videos, and 89.8% of high school student said communication, including SNS. These were the most frequently given responses in each group.


The Cabinet Office conducted the survey from November through December 2017 targeting 5,000 youths ages 10 to 17. A total of 3,288 responses were received for a response rate of 65.8%.  

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