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LDP panel’s leaders decide on wording of additional provisions under Article 9 of Constitution

The proposed constitutional revisions to serve as the legal basis for the existence of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) drawn up by Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision to the Constitution Chairman Hiroyuku Hosoda and other members of the panel’s leadership were revealed on March 13.


A new section will be created under Article 9, stipulating, “Japan shall maintain the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) under the command and control of the prime minister as an organization possessing the minimum required force.” No change will be made to Article 9’s stipulation of the renunciation of war and so forth. These proposals will be presented to an executive meeting of the headquarters on March 14 for consensus building.


The plan is to create a second section under Article 9 by adding new provisions between the current Articles 9 and 10. This new “Article 9 Section 2” will have two paragraphs, and Paragraph 1 will stipulate the SDF’s legal basis. The role of the SDF will be delineated by a clause at the beginning of the paragraph saying, “In order to safeguard the country’s peace and independence and protect the country and its people.”


Defining the SDF as an organization “under the command and control of the prime minister” is meant to establish civilian control by designating a civilian other than a SDF officer as the supreme commander of the SDF.


Paragraph 2 provides that “the SDF shall operate in accordance with the law, abiding by the Diet’s authorization and other controls,” which will enable the Diet to oversee the SDF’s operations.


Hosoda and his colleagues are aiming at finalizing the wording of the provisions in time for the party convention on March 25.

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