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Gist of Kono-Lavrov foreign ministerial on March 21

Japan-Russia summit in May


Foreign Minister Taro Kono: We would like to cooperate closely to produce concrete results at this summit. We hope to deepen mutual understanding between the two peoples in order to conclude a peace treaty.


Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: This is a very important event. We would like to make preparations efficiently.


North Korea situation


Kono: We must continue to jointly apply maximum pressure so that [North Korea] will not repeat its past mistakes.


Kono, Lavrov: We will cooperate closely to achieve the two countries’ common goal of denuclearizing North Korea.


Missile defense


Lavrov: The U.S.’s deployment of missile defense systems (in Northeast Asia) is an issue directly affecting Russia’s security.


Kono: This will not threaten the neighboring countries, including Russia.

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