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“Ghost vessels” lead to various health problems

  • April 1, 2018
  • , NHK
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“NHK Special” took a close look at capillaries, explaining that although it was once believed that capillaries were merely small blood vessels, they actually play an extremely important role in maintaining health. Since capillaries deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells throughout the body, when blood stops reaching capillaries, disease and aging result. Experts call such capillaries “ghost vessels” because with no blood flowing through them they look ghostly. Experts explained that once capillaries become ghost vessels, they are difficult to regenerate and some even vanish. Ghost vessels reportedly begin to appear as people age, raising the risk of problems such as dementia, osteoporosis, excessive sensitivity to cold, and wrinkles. Overconsumption of sugar, lack of sleep and exercise, smoking, and high blood pressure can lead to poor blood circulation, eventually creating ghost vessels. An expert recommended skipping, eating in moderation, taking hot baths, and sleeping well as preventive measures.

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