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Nippon Ishin adopts 2018 political platform with emphasis on constitutional revision

Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) held its party convention in Kobe City on March 31, where it adopted its political platform for 2018. The platform calls for constitutional provisions on free education, and the party vows to lead the debate in the Commissions on the Constitution in both houses of the Diet on this issue.


The Ishin platform stresses that “in order to address various issues arising from the change of the times, it is necessary to preserve what needs to be preserved and revise what needs to be revised and submit these for the people’s judgment.” With Article 9 of the Constitution in mind, this party will “promote deliberations on constitutional provisions on the Self-Defense Forces.”


Ishin advocates the early realization of the “Osaka Metropolis Plan,” which calls for the abolition of Osaka City and subdividing this into special wards. The party is aiming at holding a referendum on this plan as soon as this fall.


After the party won only 11 seats, down from the 14 seats it previously held, in the House of Representatives election last year, Ishin has distanced itself from the other opposition parties and has been striving to publicize its policy implementation ability in its effort to restore political power. However, with the Moritomo Gakuen scandal resulting in sagging support ratings for the Abe cabinet, with which Ishin has built good relations, prospects have dampened for the realization of the two issues it focuses on, constitutional revision and integrated resorts (IR) with casinos.


At his news conference on March 29, party leader Ichiro Matsui (Osaka governor) said that his party will handle relations with the Abe cabinet on a “case-by-case basis.”

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