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PM Abe comments on possibility of holding summit with Kim Jong Un

Asahi took up Prime Minister Abe’s remarks yesterday about a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. According to the paper, Abe said there is no need for Japan to hasten to hold a summit with the DPRK leader. The premier, who was speaking to a senior LDP official, reportedly explained that pressure has been applied on Pyongyang to encourage it to come to the negotiating table and that this policy will not change.


Yomiuri claimed that PM Abe is anxious to arrange a summit with Kim Jong Un in an attempt to shore up his political base, which has been shaken by the Moritomo scandal. Asserting that the Kantei is spearheading efforts for a Japan-DPRK summit, the daily quoted a source involved in Japan-DPRK relations as saying: “There are senior GOJ officials who have been asked by the DPRK to visit Pyongyang to conduct coordination on a summit.”   


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