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New Russian envoy to Japan vows to build “genuine relationship of trust”

New Russian Ambassador to Japan Mikhail Galuzin held his first news conference after taking up the post in Tokyo on April 3. With regard to the Northern Territories issue and Japan-Russia relations in general, he voiced his aspiration to “build a genuine relationship of trust and partnership between the two countries through cooperation by both sides.”


Galuzin stated, “Russia has maintained a consistent position on the peace treaty.” He indicated, “It is desirable to make broad-ranging and positive mutually-beneficial efforts to create a favorable environment in order to resolve sensitive and complex issues such as the peace treaty and the territorial dispute. We are in agreement with Japan on this point.”


With regard to the situation on the Korean Peninsula in light of the upcoming North-South and U.S.-DPRK summits, Galuzin said: “It is, of course, a welcome development that talks that were thought to be inconceivable until recently are now being prepared.” He added, “Ultimately, I hope that the Six-Party Talks will resume and an agreement can be reached on establishing a security framework for Northeast Asia.”


Commenting on the poisoning of a former Russian spy with a nerve agent in the UK, an incident that has heightened tension between Russia and the Western countries, Galuzin asserted, “Rather than finding out the truth, Britain wants to isolate Russia.” He voiced the criticism: “I cannot help saying that the incident itself is a premeditated act of provocation by British intelligence organizations.”

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