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Inside the USS Carl Vinson

NTV aired a five-minute report early this morning on the nuclear carrier USS Carl Vinson, which is operating about 400 km southeast of Kadena AB in Okinawa. The network said the Carl Vinson was deployed to waters near the Korean Peninsula multiple times last year and is now operating in the Western Pacific. The network showed video of fighters performing touch-and-go landings and introduced the daily lives of the ship’s 5,000 crew members, airing footage of the post office, shops, dental clinic, gym, and dining hall. The network also reported on the joint drill with the JDS Ise. The network added that while maintaining pressure on North Korea by conducting joint drills with Japan, the Carl Vinson will not participate in joint U.S.-ROK military drills this year because the U.S. wants to monitor the outcome of the U.S.-DPRK dialogue.

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