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DPRK leader voiced readiness to return to Six-Party Talks

Nikkei front-paged the disclosure by several sources involved in Sino-DPRK relations that when meeting with Chinese President Xi in Beijing in late March, Kim Jong Un said he was ready to return to the Six-Party Talks. Noting that China has been a primary proponent of the multilateral nuclear talks, the daily speculated that the North Korean leader was perhaps trying to get Beijing on his side to head off a possible U.S. military strike in the event that the planned talks between him and President Trump falter, based on the assessment that Washington will not be able to take military action as long as the Six-Party Talks are underway. Pointing out that the Chinese are poised to seize the initiative in expediting the international community’s dialogue with the Kim regime, the paper said the GOJ is cautious about the idea of resuming the Six-Party Talks and Prime Minister Abe is reportedly planning to ask President Trump to maintain the maximum pressure campaign at their summit in Florida later this month.   

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