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President Trump, PM Abe planning their third “golf summit”

Sunday morning’s Nikkei reported that several senior GOJ officials disclosed that Prime Minister Abe is making arrangements to play golf with President Trump when he visits the U.S. from April 17 to 20. The paper said playing golf with President Trump will give Abe an opportunity to demonstrate their close relationship in light of the North Korea issue. The daily said this will be the third time for the two leaders to hold a “golf summit” following their first one in Florida in February 2017 and their second one in Saitama in November. According to the senior GOJ officials, the U.S. side proposed the golf outing and the Japanese side reportedly decided that it would be best to have as many opportunities as possible for the two leaders to talk in private. The paper said the two leaders are expected to hold a summit at the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida and play golf at one of the President’s courses.

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