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Ruling parties share “sense of crisis” over drop in Abe cabinet’s approval rating

NTV reported at noon on the results of its nationwide opinion poll conducted over the weekend, which put public approval for the Abe cabinet at 26.7%, an all-time low since the launch of the second Abe cabinet.  A reporter said while Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters this morning that the government will remain calm, there is a growing view in the government and ruling camp that it has entered the ”danger zone.” Suga was quoted as saying: “As I always say, public support can go up or down.” A former cabinet member from the LDP reportedly said: “We have crossed a watershed. I don’t think public support will recover.” Some are reportedly saying that it has become unclear whether PM Abe will be able to be reelected as the party president for a third term in September. Meanwhile, the reporter said the opposition parties are stepping up attacks on the Abe cabinet, quoting Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan Secretary General Fukuyama as saying: “I feel that the public is increasingly turning away from the Abe government. I don’t think they will be able to maintain the government.” 

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