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President Trump accepts all of PM Abe’s requests on North Korea

All networks reported at noon on the first day of the U.S.-Japan summit at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, during which President Trump agreed to raise the abduction issue when he meets with Kim Jong Un. NTV said the two leaders spent a lot of time discussing North Korea on the first day, reporting that according to a source accompanying the prime minister, the President leaned forward and looked straight into Prime Minister Abe’s eyes when they talked about the abduction issue. The network said the President also reportedly said he will do his best for Japan, adding that he apparently accepted all of Abe’s requests on North Korea on the first day. The network speculated, however, that the President is probably hoping to obtain concessions from Japan on trade, which will be discussed on the second day. The network claimed that although PM Abe is expected to ask the President to exempt Japan from the new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the President will probably ask Japan to reduce the U.S. trade deficit in return. The network quoted a source connected to the White House as saying: “The United States has a scenario in mind for urging Japan to enter FTA talks.” 

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