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Opposition calls for Aso’s resignation over vice finance minister’s alleged sexual harassment

In light of the virtual dismissal on April 18 of Vice Finance Minister Junichi Fukuda, who is reported to be guilty of sexual harassment, the opposition unanimously demanded that Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso resign to take responsibility. Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan Diet Affairs Committee chief Kiyomi Tsujimoto said: “Minister Aso will be the next to be questioned on his responsibility for appointing [Fukuda].” The opposition parties are poised to strengthen their unity in questioning Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and step up their offensive against the administration.


Party of Hope leader Yuichiro Tamaki stressed to reporters at the Diet: “Mr. Aso, who was responsible for the appointment [of Fukuda], is also done. His resignation is inevitable. The Prime Minister will also be strictly questioned on his responsibility.”


Democratic Party Secretary General Teruhiko Mashiko stated: “The Finance Ministry is also guilty of altering documents approving the land sale to Moritomo Gakuen. Mr. Aso should resign.” He added: “The Abe administration is in dangerous waters. We will engage in an all-out confrontation.”


Japanese Communist Party General Secretary Akira Koike said: “Fukuda’s (dismissal) is a matter of course. Mr. Aso, who has supported him in his previous statements, should be questioned on his responsibility.”

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